Episode 111 - The Tipsy Crow Initiative

September 21, 2017

In the Star Wars: The Old Republic section of the show, Marshall and Will discuss their weeks in game, and they come up with a cool CXP incentive system.


News – Dev Tracker

Utilities Resetting Every Time I Log In

The Bastion Server

CAPTCHA bug preventing new players from signing up!

Upcoming Conquest Schedule

Discussion Topics

CXP and Daily Areas throughout September

Other areas of the game?

Any update in the Roadmap? What about 5.5?

Pippi's Longstockings

SWTOR Refer-a-friend links at theusualpodcast.com on our about page

Star Wars Section - (25:43)

In the Star Wars section of the show, the guys discuss Star Wars comics news, JJ Abrams signing on to direct Episode IX, Rebels, and more!



David Prowse retires from conventions

Discussion Topics

Marvel Star Wars Comics

Captain Phasma

witnessed Kylo/Rey duel

Contains First Canon Appearance of BB-9E


Episode IX

Lucasfilm Releases Statement About Colin Trevorrow's Exit From 'Star Wars: Episode IX'

JJ Abrams to write and direct

Release date moves from 5/24/19 to 12/20/19

Chris Terrio to co-write

The Last Jedi

Luke And Rey Featured On 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Empire Cover

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has voice cameo

Rian Johnson Compares Snoke To The Emperor

The Force Awakens

Billie Lourd auditioned for Rey



Season 4 eps will air multiple times on premiere day

Starkiller Will Not Appear In 'Star Wars Rebels'

Forces of Destiny

8 new eps coming in 2018


Battlefront DLC Season Pass is free

The Usual Round-up - (55:49)

The guys discuss the passing of X Atencio and Len Wein, the “return” of Futurama, Disney news, SMOD news, and more!



RIP Disney Legend X Atencio (98)

RIP Len Wein (69)

New 'Futurama' Episode Is Coming But With A Twist

Reel Reviews


CBS developing L.A. Confidential

Doctor Who’s Class not coming back


Wonder Woman

Patty Jenkins Officially Signs On For 'Wonder Woman' Sequel


Aladdin moves from 12/20/19 to 5/24/19

How Netflix could be the $76 billion solution to Disney's problems

Could the Marvel/Netflix Series Be Affected By the Netflix Breakup?


Suicide Squad 2

Gavin O’Connor will Direct


Drew Goddard writing/directing



Stan Lee Has Filmed Cameos For Five Upcoming MCU Movies


'Venom' Production Delayed To The Fall


Brian O’Halloran confirms J&SB return


Zachary Levi To Make Nerd HQ A Nonprofit Organization

Outro and Contact Information

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