The Usual Podcast

Episode 155 - Sleep Mode

March 26, 2019

In the Star Wars: The Old Republic section of the show, Marshall and John discuss the weeks in game,  the latest SWTOR news, and the upcoming Game Update 5.10.2: Heralds of Victory.


Community Shout-outs:

Guild Finder

Swtorista and the SWC Fan Table

Musco at SWCC

News – Dev Tracker

Why does Lana have FOUR different face models?

World Firsts and Guild XP Changes

Hutt Ball type maps pops 2 out of 3 maps constantly

Please tell us the exact day/time that guild perks rotate

Discussion Topic

Let's Talk Win Trading…

Let's Discuss Ranked PvP Ideas...

'Heralds of Victory' Game Update!

Guild level restriction?

Preview Window Available on PTS!

Under the Hood with SWTOR

Pippi's Longstockings

SWTOR Refer-a-friend links at on our about page

The Usual Round-up - (25:15)

The guys discuss the latest news from Galaxy’s Edge, movie trailers, Captain Marvel and a lot more.

Note: Minor Captain Marvel spoilers around 1:10:00.



Luke Perry dies at 52

Secrets of the Empire VR in Las Vegas


New trailers





Toy Story 4

Stranger Things 3

A Walk in the Parks


Marvel Land

Captain Marvel Nachos = vegan

Galaxy’s Edge

Galaxy’s Edge to Open May 31 at Disneyland Resort, August 29 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney Dish Episode 208: Press Preview of Black Spire Outpost

What You Can Eat and Drink in STAR WARS: Galaxy's Edge

What You Can Buy in STAR WARS: Galaxy's Edge

Building lightsabers at Disney’s Star Wars land sounds incredible

Crossing the Streams

DC Universe

Arrow to end with season 8

Disney +

DISNEY+ Will Include Every Disney Feature Film

'The New Mutants' Likely Heading to Disney+

Kevin Feige Promises Disney+ Shows Are Directly Connected to Marvel Cinematic Universe


Stranger Things Season 3 new Trailer


GREMLINS Animated Series Coming to Warner Streaming

Reel Reviews


New Orphan Black series in the works from AMC

HBO Officially Reveals How Long Each Final Episode of 'Game Of Thrones' Will Be

Universal Usual


James Gunn's SUICIDE SQUAD Will Be a "Total Reboot"



Gunn Rehired!

Marvel Didn't Meet With Any Replacement Directors for James Gunn

Kevin Feige Says Captain Marvel Will Lead the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Massive MCU Viewing Order

Outro and Contact Information

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